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Air Lift 57365 LoadLifter 5000 Air Spring Kit

Air Lift 57365 LoadLifter 5000 Air Spring Kit

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Air Lift 57365 LoadLifter 5000 Air Spring Kit
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LoadLIFTER 5000 air springs work with your existing suspension to give your vehicle more leveling support when you need it, so your vehicle is always level and stable. Proper weight distribution to all tires means more safety and a more comfortable ride, PLUS: Improved braking and steering�all four tires are firmly on the ground Less sway--air springs increase spring rate and greatly improve vehicle stability Less bottoming out-- adjustable load support helps prevent bottoming out on rough roads Proper headlight aim--only level, stable vehicles provide safe headlight aim Less �porpoising��adjustable air springs dramatically reduce �porpoising� for a safer, more comfortable ride in trucks pulling heavy trailers More even tire wear--with weight evenly distributed to all four tires, tires wear more evenly LoadLifter 5000 air springs fit easily between the frame and the axle to provide suspension support

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