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The Living Legend of Indian Music - Oil on Canvas

The Living Legend of Indian Music - Oil on Canvas

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The Living Legend of Indian Music - Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 2.0 feet x 2.8 feet

Oil Paintings: Indian Oil Paintings & Oil On Canvas @ExoticIndiaArt 
Oil on Canvas
Even before the Natya Shastra was composed, India had a fully developed system of music and dance. Music has traveled a long distance from then till now radio had an important part to play. Cinema too has popularized music to a large extent.Lata Mangeshkar, the living legend of the music world, has single handedly taken her art to the pinnacle. Born to Dinanath Mangeshkar, she started her singing career at a tender age. Many decades later, she is still going strong. She is the diva, all the singers idolize. Her image has been an inspiration to new comers, who accord her a divine status.Clad in a cream colored silk saree, brightened up by a green and gold border, Lata looks the epitome of grace. Simple pearls in her neck and ears complete the look. There is softness in the plump face, gentleness in the deep set eyes and the voice that emanates from the lips is truly mesmerizing. The artist has brought about a tremendous likeness in the portrait. The background is simple an aura of light surrounds her head, as it merges with the rest of the brown.This description by Renu Rana.Of Related Interest:Indian Cinema BookstoreMusic in ArtThe Art of DancePerforming Arts Bookstore

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