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May 21st Auction Lot Images

Doors open at 4:00 and auction starts at 6:00 on Thursday!!!  Concessions and bleacher seating will be available.  Click on the following links to see images of the lots up for grabs:

Lots     1 - 100  http://share.eye.fi/s/Rr5fsb8rcWg8FITfhzteWpS8s

Lots 101 - 200 http://share.eye.fi/s/zXBBoUkiFHTeKum6U3g18KWqY

Lots 201 - 298 http://share.eye.fi/s/XZyXcW0B8EGtxz0g89a1sylhjXM

Welcome to Kentuckiana Trading LLC

Welcome to Kentuckiana Trading where everyday items are sold for less. We purchase overstock and discontinued items from major retailers by the truck load and offer them to the public a few different ways at huge discounts. Higher valued items are offered for sale using our Web-Store, www.kentuckianatrading.com, some Items are listed for a 7 day online auction using eBay as the auction service, and the remaining items are sold absolute via live auction at our 400,000 sq ft facility located at 555 East Water Street in Borden, Indiana on Thursday evenings. Viewing and registration starts at 4:00 pm and the auction begins at 6:00 pm. This live auction is an excellent way to purchase items for your own use or for resell. Whether you choose to “Buy Now” or at “Auction”, you will find great deals here at Kentuckiana Trading and we look forward to serving you as one of Our Valued Customers.


Rick Koetter

General Manager